iastm toolkit

The Ultimate IASTM Toolkit Bundle is Here! It includes the EDGE Mobility Tool, EDGE Mobility Star, and a carrying pouch

EDGE Mobility Tool - best tool for IASTM from edgemobilitysystem.comEDGE Mobility Star - smaller, stainless steel IASTM tool from edgemobilitysystem.comIASTM Toolkit - the best stainless steel all in one IASTM Tools from edgemobilitysystem.comEDGE Mobility Pouch - the perfect carrying pouch for your EDGE Mobility Tool and EDGE Mobility Star - from edgemobilitysystem.com

The Ultimate IASTM Toolkit is here! Save $40 off buying the bundled items separately. This is in addition to already hundreds you save on other so called all in one toolkits. You don't need a handle bar or anything larger than the OG EDGE Mobility Tool, it fits the entire body. No force more than a dog or cat licking you is needed for the majority of cases. The goal is skin and mechanoreceptor stimulation, not mechanical deformation or breaking up of tissues. That's not possible - see this free IASTM Book we put together!

This amazing bundle comes with

  • EDGE Mobility Tool - the original handheld all in one IASTM Tool

  • EDGE Mobility Star - all new lightweight and small tool, perfect for hands/feet/TMJ

  • EDGE Mobility Pouch - carrying pouch that fits both tools

Both IASTM Tools by EDGE Mobility System - and used worldwide in clinics, on the field in pro sports and in multiple continuing education seminars.


EDGE Mobility Tool

  • 300 grade surgical stainless steel

  • precision machined

  • has a sharper side for feedback and a dull side for light scraping to reduce tone

  • different shapes to contour to areas of the body

  • easy to grasp with large oval handle

EDGE Mobility Star

  • 300 grade surgical stainless steel

  • precision machined

  • thumb contour for easy grasp

  • different edges and concavities to fit hands, feet, TMJ or other smaller or bonier areas for fine IASTM work

easy to hold

contours the body

perfect for hands

contours bony areas

What do others say about the EDGE IASTM Toolkit?

"I've used the original EDGE Mobility Tool for years in most of my manual therapy sessions. It's my go to for IASTM. Now with the EDGE Mobility Star, I have the perfect pair!"

"The EDGE IASTM Toolkit is the best combination of IASTM tools in an unbeatable value. Highly recommended for any movement based clinician!"